Advisory & Underwriting

We assist Clients to understand their real estate assets and determine its underlying value. Delfi Partners & Company has provided valuation, underwriting and advisory services for buyers, sellers and third parties for several asset classes and sectors.

& Valuation

Delfi Partners & Company provides portfolio underwriting solutions for real estate portfolios. We have a dedicated experienced team that can meet demanding project deadlines trained to use our in-house proprietary underwriting platform to assess real estate assets in any portfolios across multiple jurisdictions. Delfi Partners can underwrite assets via various valuation methodologies and benchmarking using our up-to-date transactional data from our in-house analytics platform. We have in-house solutions and cash-flow models to underwrite properties across all asset classes for complex collateralised portfolios. We can also assess the liquidity and commercial attractiveness of the portfolios while taking various factors into consideration including time-to-asset and time-to-market and other variables such as location, build quality, liquidity, absorption rates and investment attractiveness. Our team uses various methodologies to develop the optimal asset management and disposal strategies for each asset. Our platform is constantly updated using in-house AI tools with the latest transactional and other relevant market information obtained from credible sources, including our internal transaction management department, network of associates and official government agencies.

Corporate Finance
& Advisory

Delfi Partners & Company provides autonomous and objective critical thinking. We leverage and deploy purpose-built teams of skilled and creative professionals to meet demanding advisory needs. We have experience in a diverse set of practice areas and sectors. We assist Clients understand the asset or the company being examined and determine its value. Delfi Partners & Company has provided valuation and corporate finance advisory services for buyers, sellers and third parties for different sectors and asset classes.


Tailored-made methodologies to workout complex real estate asset structures and portfolios. At Delfi Partners & Company, we analyse and stress-test existing asset portfolios on behalf of financial institutions and investors who have complex asset structures in different jurisdictions and in various segments to recover value from these impaired loans backed by tangible collateral. Our way of managing assets is fundamentally different since we propose a clear and understandable real estate portfolio investment strategy and define tailored-made methodologies to fulfil the demanding needs of each client. We also evaluate and pro-actively manage the real estate collateral assets (daily, monthly, yearly) proposing out-of-the-box solutions. Importantly, we play an irreplaceable role during acquisitions and disposals having a wide arrange of private and institutional real estate investors.


Here at Delfi Partners we share a practical, results-oriented state of mind. We work side-by-side with our Clients to balance competing priorities including the re-structuring and re-engineering business processes and portfolios, anticipating unforeseen risks and opportunities, and communicating with key constituents. In the current economic climate, ‘change’ is becoming a frequent phenomenon. In the face of this transformation, we provide tested techniques, expertise and leadership necessary to facilitate a successful turnaround. We tackle problems practically and focus on quick decisions and sustainable progress. Therefore, we implement realistic business plans with exit strategies, while stabilising key relationships with vendors, financial institutions and employees.

Special Situations

Delfi Partners real estate special situations team focuses on real estate assets, including advisory services for mezzanine debt, securitisation structuring, recoveries strategies from collaterised loans, preferred equity backed by real estate, bridge equity and joint venture equity. Our main aim is to work closely with our clients and provide structures which minimise recovery times whilst increasing recovery proceeds. The real estate special situations desk offers services to our private and institutional investors, advising clients throughout the life-cycle of a direct property or real estate backed credit transaction. We bring our combined real estate, banking, legal and corporate finance structuring experience to help clients unlock complex situations.