Delfi Databank

Our team uses various methodologies to develop the optimal asset management and disposal strategies for each asset. Our platform is constantly updated using in-house AI tools with the latest transactional and other relevant market information obtained from credible sources, including our internal transaction management department, network of associates and official government agencies.

Delfi Databank

Delfi Analytics has created a ground breaking centralised databank platform that collects, analyses and stores real estate and economic data. This unique platform encompasses an innovative approach to in-depth data analytics. Delfi Analytics acts as your one source hub to source, analyse, forecast and interpret data. We utilise the combination of the most in-depth data available for the market and our extensive knowledge and experience in this sector to bring unprecedented insight for the region.

Comprehensive Sector Coverage

With our in-house databank of the most relevant & up-to-date data, Delfi Partners is changing the way organisations in Southeast Region of Europe understand/utilise data to enable them to make better decisions, optimise strategies, create better business models & capitalise on new opportunities.

Our Databank stores the most accurate dataset in region, spanning across multiple time-frames, allowing reliable empirical analysis at the micro level.