Underwriting & Valuations

Our team uses various methodologies to develop the optimal asset management and disposal strategies for each asset. Our platform is constantly updated using in-house AI tools with the latest transactional and other relevant market information obtained from credible sources, including our internal transaction management department, network of associates and official government agencies.

Portfolio Valuations

Our in-house valuation platform capitalises on advanced data analytics to enable quick and accurate measures of liquidity, marketability, disposal timeframe and the creation of asset management strategies capturing all leakages, timeframes and potential cashflows.

Our Valuation platform has been specifically developed to facilitate and record the entire valuation process and is compliant with RICS VRS guidelines.

The platform allows for a variety of valuation tools, capturing all elements of a properties value, as well as quick, effective and error-free cashflow modelling for income producing assets. Our extensive database of benchmarks and comparables, ensures accurate and consistent valuations, with quality control performed through the platform on-the-fly.

Certified Valuations

Our expert real estate valuation desk provides informed, market-facing, independent advice on all property types (with expertise in income-producing assets, i.e. hotels, tourist resorts, airports, golf courses, marinas, etc) and a whole range of property interests, from one-off valuations to portfolio valuations. We deliver Market Value and Fair Value opinions for all real estate classes, suitable for regulatory and transactional applications.

What sets us apart is the independence and attention to detail of our analysis and advice. We are able to draw on the resources of our international associates, with localised knowledge, employing consistent European Valuation Standards (EVS) and processes. Thus, we are in the position to value large residential and commercial portfolios quickly anywhere in Europe.

Comparables Platform

The Real Estate Intelligence Platform of Delfi Analytics has been carefully designed to collect data from various primary & secondary data highlighting investment opportunities, market trends & real estate insights. Discover up-to-date and trustworthy transactional data with unique intelligence on the real estate market, leverage high-quality knowledge & make better & more accurate real estate decisions.

Our transactional database tracks all types of real estate transactions such as residential, commercial, industrial etc. providing a unique benefit to the user in real estate analysis capability. The most complete and tested transactional evidence database for the Greek & Cypriot real estate market with over 2 million recent asking prices & over 500 thousand actual transactions.

Interact with data in an incredibly easy & user-friendly way. The platform provides upon request access to a massive data pool covering the entire analytics pallet, from data collection, to deep analysis & visualisation.