Transaction Management Tools

We are simplifying today’s complex, paper-driven, antiquated workflow to empower real estate transaction executives to deliver an exceptional experience to every buyer and seller. Our platform is a combination of integrated software as well as value-added services, all tailored to the real estate industry.

Transaction Management CRM

We make investments in technology that we believe will enhance transactions management and client experience. Key investment areas for our platform include continuing to build an integrated platform to help transactions executives win more clients, generate more transactions and accelerate our data integration and analytics. We continue to add new functionality and improve our existing solutions with the goal of providing a seamless, integrated workflow that helps to save transaction executives time, money and hassle. The CRM provides executives with an easy-to-use interface that is both powerful and automated, enabling them to cultivate their sphere, nurture and grow relationships and close more sales.

Listing Management

Our listing platform enables transaction executives to list and locate desirable properties at attractive prices for buyers. Our executives provide clients with access to comprehensive inventory, including private listings, help them understand local market dynamics, tour properties, prepare and close offers, and better manage the overall property buying process. With search alerts and notifications, clients can monitor new listings and gain an edge in securing properties of interest. Our listing management platform can be easily adjusted and customised according to the demands of each portfolio and/ client.

Private E-Auctions

Delfi Partners has created its own powerful, fully customisable online real estate e-auction platform that can be used by servicers, funds and financial institutions on a branded/ white label basis. The platform has been internally designed by our inhouse developers with a dynamic and user friendly interface providing a unique experience for users and clients.

All fields are fully customisable. Providers can manage users, properties, clients and auctions through platform's back end system. Also, they can breakdown of auctions to In-Progress, Upcoming and Awarded/ Finished, have a search functionality through all available fields and obtain automated emails are send throughout the process.